April 2, 2012

special forces
Special Forces Poster

A French journalist in Afghanistan is kidnapped by the Taliban. A group of special forces were received order by the government and military to search and rescue her. Unexpected event happen and they must struggle to survive the mission.

First of all, there's nothing special in the story because there're so many movies pictured this  kind of war story. The difference is this about french military. But, still war movie, also this movie, brings value about humanity and how we supposed live in peace instead.

I admit that this movie doesn't bring any adrenalin rush as action movie usually do. That's okay. I think the director just want or maybe get bored of usual screenplay. But, still I think this is not that action but more dramatic. They put more drama that take more control in the movie than the action.

I don't recognize most of the movie casts. I'm familiar with Diane Kruger, Denis Menochet and Djimon Hounsou from the movies I've watched but not the rest of them. I don't understand about acting really well but I think they played their role really good and for me, they put this movie out of the comment of being unreal/fake.

As usual, I always try to find and wait for twists in movie which I like very much but I didn't find or aware any of it in this movie. Some may think that Lucas survive but I've already know that won't happen. Sad or unfair but that's part of the drama.


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