April 23, 2012

dvd cover bending the rules
bending the rules dvd cover

A district attorney is determined to take down a corrupt New Orleans cop. The DA lost his antique car. Things are getting complicated when everything in fact related each other. The cop and the DA have to work together to solve the case.

For an action movie, it shows poor action. In fact, I don't think there was any good action part in it. The story is easily predictable even though with a mystery in it. It is awkward because they made this movie   stand on the blur grey line. It's not an action but I think it's not drama either and I doubt if this is a comedy. You don't find any action sensation in it for it has so few action part which was not good at all. You also can't feel the drama because it didn't draw you to one. You may laugh for some part in this movie but not good enough, just okay. Every part of this movie was made nearly half of being good. It's like climbing a mountain but stop just in the middle and then go back. We don't even have the chance to reach the top.

Dwayne Johnson, Terry Gene and John Cena are several wrestler that I know also played in movies too. They played not bad at all especially Dwayne and I think Edge too. He maybe not acted so well but he still made his part okay. If you ever saw him wrestle, then you will notice that he surely can hide his character in the ring and show up in different character in this movie. Jamie played in many comedy movies or absurd character. He shows his experience in this movie and I think it's too bad that the story is so poor.

Such a poor ending also ruined the whole movie. The only good part of this movie is the relationship of Theo and his father. Not that well but at least gave a glimpse of color in this plain movie.


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