March 19, 2012

Power Plug
Do you ever find yourself as a sloppy person? I mean, with things. You probably lose your things often. Well, I think I'm sort of a sloppy person with things. I lose things like pen, pencil, coin, other small stuff like that. Usually they are small things that people can forget or be out of your vision easily. I rarely lose big stuff. Small things are my problem.

mac power plug
Power Plug Protector
This is a bad habit. So, I made myself a challenge. I had this power plug protector from my notebook. This is a very small stuff that can easily be lost anywhere. We may forget where we put it or accidentally drop it because it's hardly seen. It's transparant in color and small in size. Perfect challenge for a sloppy person like me. LOL

This is the challenge. It's a very simple challenge. I just need to watch it and try not to lose it. Simple, right? The challenge is simple but I use my notebook everyday and not just at home, I use it at many place. Every time I want to plug the power, I must open the protector and when the protector's away from the power plug it's in a dangerous probability of being lost. True story!

This sloppy habit probably started from a low intention of caring stuff. As long as I remember, this bad habit started when I was in junior high school. That time, I didn't try to avoid this thing happened. So, maybe I already get used to it and I keep losing my stuff until now. Yes, that's just small stuffs, probably easy and cheap to buy. But, how can we be responsible for big stuff if we can't handle small stuff like that? 

Caring stuff maybe a very simple habit and we prone to underestimate it. If we can be responsible to ourself for things like this, then it'll be not difficult for us to be responsible for bigger someday.

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