January 13, 2012

This is the sequel of Elite Squad and both are outstanding. The first time I watch Elite Squad, I was a little bit annoyed by the brutality and the thriller but then I felt like these movies bring it like it really happened and the story make it better.

I like whatever movie that has so many twists and both these movies have it. Honestly, the story isn't as complicated as inception but it shows the high complexity when you have a corrupt government and police. You have gang wars, government-police wars, gang-police wars and wars. This sequel includes additional character that speaks about human rights which is so in contradiction with wars and killing people. The story when more complex than the first movie.

Not only wars, this movie also has drama in it. You can see it when Nascimiento got divorced, conflict between Nascimiento and Mathias, and more. I don't like too much drama in an action movie and this movie just perfectly fit it.

These movies may tells us story about wars in Rio and a life of a BOPE commander, but it also tells us that wars may never ends happy. Fortunately, there'll always be people who want to make it better. People who want to make peace out of it and it's delightful. :)

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