October 1, 2011

What is a true love? or maybe the right question should be how do you define a true love? 

Some people defines true love as an unconditional love, never ending love ,etc. This night, i found a tweet that defines true love. Not particularly defines as general but more like 'in what way you see a true love'. It was written that true love is when I fall in love everyday but with the same person over and over. It's a romantic quote. But, do you realize an important part of that quote?

Everyday means everyday means every single day in our life means till death do us part. It means true love is when we fall in love with the same person till we die. Wow, that'll be amazing. Therefore, that quote implies that the only way to find true love is to go with it till the end, till death. In other words, true love is a mystery. We can't find it in the beginning of our relationship or maybe in the middle of it. It all reveals in the end. So, I think it'll be a little naive when people break-up just because he/she thinks that he/she's not the true love he/she seeks. :)

From the way I see it, many unsuccess relationship happened because people just want to find the true love itself instead of making his own true love story. I aware that I've read, to make our own true love story, we must both find and be the right person. Also, I still like the one ever told to me that instead of looking the right person, how about being the right person. :)

So, will you find your true love by making it, or just wasting your time to find it over and over in the beginning or in the middle?

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  2. maaf ya, sudah nge remove kamu dari fb. Saya harap kita bisa tetap jadi teman. :)

  3. saya add lagi di fb, tapi di confirm ya :). Hehe.

  4. Aduh,,banyak bgt komenku,,pokoknya confirm di fb ya!!


  5. nice share,, :)

    man who i fall in love over n over again? well i haven't meet him yet.. wish me luck..