August 8, 2011

shoelaces teach father
I'm sure we all were a kid once. A spiritual kid as well. The difference is not all spiritual kid grown up along with their body. I'm imagining all of us can't make a knot with our shoelaces when we were a kid. The adults taught us, right? I'm imagining again that our spiritual life is just a like a shoe.

We make a knot with our shoelaces so that our shoe can't be loose and even off from our feet. It fits well and be our foundation thus be our protector from harmful matters. Our life is like learning how to tie up our shoes. Every single process in it govern every part in our life. If we tied our shoes improperly, then we'll loose our shoes right away. If we made a bad knot with our shoelaces, then we'll loose our shoes as well. If we walk ourlives in the wrong way, then we'll lose the very best part of ourlives. Our spiritual life.

To make a good knot or to tie shoes properly, governed by who taught us to do it. If we were thought bad from the bad presedent then we may tie ourshoes bad in the future. Otherwise, if the one who tought us is the one who we can depend on and who's being a great presedent then we'll hardly fail. It happens in life, too. Who do we let teaching us every single process in our life? Who do we make our presedent and role model in facing all the puzzle in life? When we chose wrong, we'll lead our way in the wrong path.

Our Spiritual life. Our shoes. How do we keep it sticked on our feet? It's by letting ourselves led and taught by the greatest of all, The Lord almighty. If we accept Him and let Him teaches us everyday, he'll teach us everseconds we can count. By the time we're ready to tie the shoes on our own, He'll just be there to watch us and warn us if we heading to the wrong way. By the time we grown up spiritually, He'll let us enjoy it everday and watch our steps along the time. Sometimes we may tie the shoe improper and He let it just to teach us that sometimes great lessons from life came from failure.

So, do you agree to learn how to tie shoelaces on your shoes from the greatest teacher? do you want to have a great spiritual life? The Lord provides us His time, His mind, His Hand. HIS LIFE.

Have a blessed relationship with God, guys.
Have a fabulous life and God bless us.

I'm not good in English but i hope my writing understands us well. :)

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