July 7, 2011

fred gratzon in full potential dot com
Just now i found an interesting show on internet. I was browsing about if there's anyone who get successed in their life even they're the laziest man they ever think. And Mr.Google came out with this show called "Full Potensial Show. This video below was the first show i watched.

It's an interview with Fred Gratzon who is the founder of The Great MidWestern Ice Cream Company. His ice cream was voted as the “Best Ice Cream in America” by People Magazine. Not only the best icecream, it was the official ice cream of the Olympic team and the Reagan White House. Awsome. Yet, he called himself as "'The Laziest man' in North America". How come? Hmm..

In this video, Fred tells us about his story. He started from zero. He went upside and down. In the end, he successfully developed his icecream company. "You don't need hardwork to be success. All you need to do is avoid work."
We must be careful about this statement. :p I think he has his perception and explanation for that.
Because i think Fred must be a hardworking person that he can build such a big company as he has now. With his upside-down experiences in business, i think no man can survive with hardworks. :)
Certain thing that i learned from this man is :

1. Passion
Fred does what he likes and likes what he does. He got a very high enthusiasm in his will. That's the very best provisions of all.

2. Persistent
Upside-down is a normal phase in life. A giving-up person will never get through the success door.

3. Teachable and Hard-learner
Edison said every mistake leads us to a new way and hope to find the right way. Fred did that and learned a lot from his experiences that made him like now. :)

(quote from: fullpotential.com )

Though the way to success and success' benchmark itself are different for each one of us, i think those three points above are unavoidable. :)

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