July 21, 2011

holding hands on a rose - loving each other
Today, when i was walking down the street, i had this sudden daydream. Yeah, it's one of my bad habit. When i walk alone, i often suddenly daydreaming or having so much fantasy. But, it was interesting sometimes. Back to topic! It was about relationship.

I was dreaming about usually people tried to hide something from their habit when they're in an open relationships. People will try to hide their bad habits or we can call it weaknesses. Such as bad eating habit, bad anger management, or maybe unusual blabber mouth. Maybe we are trying to disclose the best of us when having a close relationship. For what?! I can say for sure that we don't want to look bad in front of her/him. But, i ask again? For what?!

I don't know why i had this kind of thought in the middle of cloudy day this afternoon. But, it made me started thinking about this. Is that kind of things really important? Putting masks on our face? Hmmm.. Some maybe say that it is important. But, i think it may not be important. When you like someone and ask her or him to go out. While you're having a date, accidentally you did something bad which is your bad habit of weaknesses. What do you expect? First of all, she/he may feel ill and don't want to have date with you again. Or, maybe she/he may smile to you and tell you that what you did is wrong and smile again. There's an immense difference between these two responses.

I assume that we probably afraid of getting the first response provided above and then fail. But, you know what. I think that's the point. The one who suited to you is the one that can accept your weakness and tell you what's right. If she or he just leave you right away, then she/he won't be the one. Couples are made to fill each other, right? You can't fill each other if you don't accept each other and support each other. That's why i think weaknesses (like bad habits) is a good indicator in having a proper relationship. I don't know if it just me thinking like that but i'm sure about that until now.

People can't have each other if they just see half each other. It must be complete. That's why i think there's no need to hide your weaknesses. Just show it and you'll know who's the one and by then you'll learn to put your weakness away and be better than before. :)

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