June 9, 2011

kid reads a book
I've spent approximately 5 hours just to read and follow the line of a research paper, paper about pedestrian behaviour. Just to read and follow the line, haven't understood yet. :p This paper contains 22 pages but i have to spend 5 hours to read it. Besides it was written in English also it's complicated for me. But, i'm grateful because at least i've learned two main things from this paper. The first one of course the main problem and conclusion from the paper. The second is about something related to DATA.

We may hear and share so many things in our neighborhood and start having a paradigm in our mind. But, sometimes we forget to seek the truth. We don't find truth everytime but at least i think to speak based on 'simple-chat-paradigm' is not good. For example, i often hear that pedestrians outside Indonesia, maybe european, american, or else are complying signals and sign more that in Indonesia. But, this paper i read, provide a data from former research about pedestrian behaviour. And you know what? I was surprise that they (outside Indonesia) also have problem about low law obedience in crossway or walkway. Slightly different with what happened in Indonesia. Hmmm.. The thought that i had in my mind suddenly disturbed and i started to be curious. Hahaha. "I wanna go to Europe", i said. lol... It's because i want to see the truth. :p

I remember one of my lecturer said that in transportation, you have to see and feel it yourselves then you know about it. I think it may right. We may have wrong paradigm sometimes therefore it's so crucial for us to read a lot. Reading will open our mind and know a lot of thing. I, myself have a lot of opinions about anything. But, i rarely read until now. :p Maybe, i'll try to read more and compare the fact with what i thought before.

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