June 11, 2011

walking with friends
Walking is good. I like walking. In fact, i walk more than i use vehicle especially motorized one. But, we must admit that walking is tiring. People (pedestrians) always try to find the shortest route if they want to walk. Besides, walking also usually takes time. But one thing for sure is that walking's never tiring when we walk with friends ,like in a group.

Tonight, after attending a seminar, i and my friends walked to find public transport to take us home. It wasn't the longest distance i've ever walked but it still was long. Nevertheless, nobody complained about the distance. We all just walk patiently and talk cheerfully. That's why i said walking's never tiring when we walk in a group of friends.

Sometimes i wonder "why is that so?"
It's a psychological thing, i think. Assume that tiredness is a signal and our brain is the receiver. We feel tired when the signal arrived and received by the receiver. So, when we do other thing, it looks as if the signal redirected by others and then takes more time to arrive at the receiver. Yeah, something like that maybe. :p

It's never boring and tiring when you have friends besides you. Moreover, friends can make our tiredness disappear just like that. :)

pic: lefthandersday.com

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