June 14, 2011

adjustment bureau
**Spoiler Alert**
I just watched this early 2011 movie, Adjustment Bureau. Firstly, i thought this movie was just a common love story within a thriller story but i was wrong. It was more than that. This movie tells story about someone who fought for his freewill. God was described as 'THE CHAIRMAN' in this story. The story is about a man who fought against his destiny just to be gathered with his beloved one. Adjustment Bureau was described as 'THE CHAIRMAN's' right-hand to help HIM control human's fate. The Bureau do whatever have to do to adjust the human's life with the main plan, the fate. This story end up with the man successfully gathered with the woman.
**Spoiler Alert**

This movie is good for sure. You can check the rate and watch it yourself to find out. It's good. But, after watching this movie, i have a high curiousity in finding the truth about freewill. I'm a christian. So, i googled a while with a keyword 'Adjustment Bureau Christianity'. I want to know more about what Bible says about freewill. I want to reassure myself and my thought. It'll bad if i had the wrong fact. I know i won't find it just like that by googling. I know i have to learn , discuss, pray to find out what i have to believed as the truth. I'm very thankful that i watched this movie. It raised my passion to learn more which is good. To learn more means to bring us closer to Thee and to know HIM more. :)

Nowadays, movies influence people more than writings/articles. People like movies more than reading articles. But, movies tell us less detail than writings. That's why i think, movies especially like this one may lead us to a wrong perception and believe. With a small knowledge in our mind, we may be influenced by bad movies. I think, we must learn more and read more so that we can be easily affected by movies nowadays.

Christianity itself is based on the bible which is God's word. So, to find the truth, we may have to find God itself. Is it difficult? Oh, no. It's so easy that i can find HIM everyday in my prayer. :)

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