May 18, 2011

17 Mei 2011,
"Ikut Camp LSD (Love, Sex and Dating) hampir sama seperti datang ke dokter gigi secara rutin.
Kita tahu kita butuh tapi kita ogah2an datang karena takut, malu2 atau lupa malah. Akhirnya, giginya jelek. Ga keliatan secara instan sih rusaknya tapi perlahan digerogoti di dalam. hehe."

18 Mei 2011,
"time is an impossible contender. When you rest, it'll still be running. Don't compete with time, but flow with it. :)"

16 June 2011,
"Big things starts from small things but to do a small things sometimes needs big steps. Do we have the courage to make the big steps?"

16 June 2011,
"people may hardly change their bad character. We just don't find the word 'D' in our 'keyboard' so that it should be 'changed' not 'change'."

7 July 2011,
"Passion is like turtle-body inside the shell . It's ourself that can force it to head out of the shell Others can't. The shell is lazyness."

21 July 2011,
"Setiap tikungan ada kecepatan rencananya, teman. Jangan melebihi batas yang direncanakan kecuali anda ingin celaka."
-Setiap fase hidup ada durasi optimalnya kok. Jadi, jangan terburu-buru atau malah bermalas-malasan. Jalani dengan syukur saja. :)-

05 August 2011,
"Dosa itu seperti blackhole, teman. Sekalinya mendekat, terisap terus hingga pusatnya. :( Tak akan mungkin lepas hanya dengan kekuatan sendiri."

18 February 2012
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Smoking is Bad,
Why do you need to argue?
-end of line"

15 March 2012
"life can be so rude that we can't handle the pressure.
But we can choose, to see the good side of it or just get busy with the bad side."

1 April 2012
"To seek and find the right person in God is unique, challenging and tough process. For if it's not, he/she won't be worth finding."

18 April 2012
"The art of saying 'NO'.
You may save your energy but you may also miss the opportunity."

20 August 2012

"One rule about college:
Always follow your professors' advices, unless you have better ideas.
Well, at least make sure it IS better."

21 August 2012

"When there is a will, there must be a dead person. And, a lawyer."

22 August 2012
"Our mind is a Forest. We can't choose what's inside. We live with it. Lion or pigeon or else. But, we can train the animals inside."
-Inspirations come like a thief. Suddenly. You can't force it.-

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