May 3, 2011

messaging busy status icon
Do you IM-ing a lot? Instant Messaging. I do. It's a useful communication media when you have your gadget broken, same as skype too. I use Yahoo Messenger a lot, in fact most of the time. But, i'm curious about something in Instant Messaging. It's about its status appearance.

What do you write in your status screen? What you do, what your heart do, your feeling, time, your schedule or what else? or maybe a 'BUSY' status with the red light? I realize that it depends on the people. Some are like to show their feeling as a status. Some other like to describe what they are doing at the time. Some other like to write a quote that they liked after reading books or maybe watching movies. I think we all know why people do some of that. It's simple. But, what do you think about showing a busy status?

Some of my friend said that when you show a busy status, then you're not going to reply any message that coming to you. Really? Then, i asked. So, why do you turn on your Yahoo Messenger? What's the point of being Online but can't be contacted and unable to reply. I think that's ridiculous. For me, if you show a busy status that means you may accept messages but can't reply it soon after it came or you can reply but not continuously. Maybe you're on something and can't chat continuously because of your work. I mean, 'busy' status not means undisturbable. If you're undisturbable, then sign out your Yahoo Messenger so that no one's trying to reach you. That's it. Don't make your friends hanging around waiting for your answer. -_-a It happens to me. I 'buzz' my friend and sent a message but no reply until an hour. The status said 'busy' but as i said before, what's the point of being online but unable to reach. That's why, i myself will reply every message that comes though i'm on 'busy' status and inserting an excuse that i may not reply it fast and continuously.

Yeah, that's what i think. How about you? :)

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