May 2, 2011

traffic hazardous : accident
main frame: Indonesian Traffic Safety

Nowadays, transportation is a sector that takes public attention. Why? It’s because there is an imbalance between traffic volume with the capacity of the road itself. It happens all over the country. By simple logic we can draw a conclusion that when volume is greater than the capacity, there’ll be an overcapacity condition that led to an emergence of congestion. Congestion almost becomes something that is rare to find. Ironically the increasing number of vehicles each year also affects traffic safety (traffic safety). Road is a highly dangerous place now.

Traffic safety is an indicator of how safe a road section for the users (wiki). Road safety is a worldwide crucial issue. As a matter of fact, traffic accident takes a lot of portion of mortality. Traffic accidents occur almost every day in every city. As a small illustration, Indonesia ranks second in ASEAN in the number of traffic accidents and traffic accidents are the second leading cause of death in Indonesia (VIVAnews). Things in other country are not slightly different.

The three biggest factors that influence the occurrence of traffic accidents is driver behavior factors, vehicle factors and environmental & road conditions factors. In Indonesia, the driver behavioral factors are holding the largest share. The cause variously started from the ownership of driver's license until undisciplined respon with the rules and signs. In developed countries, the ownership of a driver's license is really strict. Unfortunately, in Indonesia especially for motorcycle, driver's license is not too strict and a lot of influence of factors outside the rules. The increasing growth rate of motor vehicles added to lack of awareness of license-ownership is a perfect combination to produce a road that full of danger.

Before presenting my own thought solutions, I want us to equate our perception on solving transportation problems. There is no such thing as a single solution but it has to be integrated solutions (Tamin, OZ). I’ll start form the basic, education berlalulintas. Being in traffic may be our daily activities but not each of us necessarily understand the ethics in traffic. In Bandung (Indonesia), there is a place called traffic-park which I think is very good because people could give education to their children with an attractive package : a park. Unfortunately, places like this are rarely used. Therefore, I think local government and authorized agencies should work together to create and promote a place like this as an early traffic education. Maybe it seems simple but to provide an appropriate solution and a sustainable one, we must start from the simplest thing. Thus, actually there is no simple thing called here.

The existing regulation in Indonesia is good enough but it still very loose. It needs to be more strict. The frequent incidence of violations that do not get sanction provide a loose conditions for drivers in ignoring these regulations. I think the existence of regulation and signs on the road should be improved even better. Learning from big countries, they really pay attention to detail in the application of signs on every road and intersection. Every detail is considered as a must. What for? Not to merely curb but to ensure and guarantee the safety of every road user. Acctually, the purpose of regulation and sign is good but its main purpose was not conveyed clearly to each driver’s mindset. Therefore, a firmness in regulation is very important as a proof for the driver that regulation ensure their safety. Coordination and cooperation between police department and department of transportation are very important here . Starts from the driver's license ownership process upto firm sanctions for violations that occurred on the road.

In era of ICT development, as now we should be able to increase firmness of regulation earlier. Again, learning from developed countries, monitoring of traffic violations and sanctions are no longer only be done manually. Video camera technology came into a new alternative to improve oversight. In Indonesia there are already some but still unefficiently functioned. With this observation tool, police could track traffic violations and accidents. Increasing strict regulations may turn drivers to realize the importants of regulations and the sign to be obeyed.

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