April 4, 2011

silk road map
I can tell you that most people knew The "Silk Road". There had been a lot of story made by the silk road. It was the first international road in the world especially in asia. It brought so many changes and development to the world, even the Great journey of Marcopolo was happened by the help of the silk road.

The best thing that I found out about the Silk Road is that this extraordinary road also brought the best thing to the world life. It connected West side and East Side of Asia. From the article I read, Silk Road was the first road ever connected west and east and was the first road to introduce west and east each other too. The main purpose first was to open trading. Yes, trading is always the main reason of transportation and even until now. European came to asia to find many things such as tea, ceramic, silk, spices etc from China, India, etc. Silk was the most precious thing for european at that time. On the other hand Asian came to Europe to find silver, perfume, ivory etc. From this trading needs, people also shared their culture. It made people's mind opened wide.

Aside from trading, the needs of knowledge was also fulfilled. Scientists, archaeologist, poet can travel east-west or west-east to learn from other nations. Knowledge became one of the most part that was developed by having this Silk Road. Can you imagine without this kind of knowledge sharing where or what we are now? I think we would have been developing pretty slowly. West and East has its specialities each other, and by transportation, sharing can be made. I think Silk Road made a huge development to the world. At least before other transportation method, modes and routes were made.

What i want to say here is that transportation has highly important role in civilization development. We cannot ignore it. We can see most of developed nations has good transportation system. Now, I'm happy that I can learn about transportation in college, and I'm hoping that someday my country, Indonesia would have great transportation system therefore be a developed country.

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