April 3, 2011

a woman stared a magical mirror
You may have known the fiction story about a princess with the magical mirror. I do have my magical mirror too. It doesn't blink when i take a look at it. It isn't huge or in a miraculous shape. It's just an ordinary wall mirror that i have in my home in Bandung. :)

So, do you want to know where the magical thing is?
The magical thing is when i take a look at my face there, i'm starting imagining so many thing about my life, especially my future life. So many imagination that makes my hearts cheerful, my mind can't take a rest and my eyes can't even stop staring at it. But, it's still imaginations.

There i found that i imagine a lot in my life but nearly done nothing. I was trapped for a long time in my own dream. I talk a lot and plan a lot but do little and achive nearly zero. That's my magical mirror can also do. When i take a look at my face on it, i started reflecting my own life. Sometimes it went good and i reboost my spirit but sometimes it went bad and i started feeling so much regrets.

From now on, i hope i can refuse so much regrets and start doing things and achive things. Wish me luck! :)

This was just my sudden hearttalk and i think you can conclude who the prince is. :p

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