April 14, 2011

memento the movieThe title was weird ,huh?!
That's what i thought too. :p
Most of you maybe familiar with that name. It was named after a guy from the movie 'Memento'. He had sick, a brain sick. He can't collect long term memory, precisely when he woke up from bed. Because of that, he keep making photographs and remembrance so then when he woke up from bed, he still remember what he had done and what to be done.

And now, It's because i'm having a little problem with my memory too. It's not like the movie particularly. I keep missing my appointments and agendas because i forget that i have ones. For example, i make an agenda to post a letter on thursday (2 days away). I'll forget to do that and will just remember it on late thursday or early friday. Sometimes, even i make a one day away agenda, i forget to do that. It's not comfortable at all. I keep missing things that have to be done.

I don't know what makes my memory like this. Some said it was because of my mind had so many thought or maybe i'm just in a stressed condition. Several friends said that i should have my own agenda-book or maybe handynotes. You know, just to remind me about my agendas. Well, i'm trying on it now. Hoping it'll make me better. :D
That's why i'm relating it to Leonard Shelby in Memento who always need his memento. I think my handynotes and agenda-book are my mementos right now. :p

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  1. well,, have you ever read this?


    that was my habbit, except 3,7,10.
    after realize this, i change and i think i got a better memory. :3

  2. well, thank you for your suggestion ,anon.
    i've read about that before but i forgot. hehe. Thanks for reminding me about that article. ^_^