March 9, 2011

crazy-little-thing-called-loveRate: Teenage
Length: 120 Minute
Genre: Comedies, Romance
Country: Thailand
Release date : 09/02/2011
Director: Putthiphong Promsakha
Screenwriter: Putthiphong Promsakha
Producer: Putthiphong Promsakha
Studio: Sahamongkol Film International
Mario Maurer – Pshon
Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol – Khun Nam
Sudarat Budtporm – Inn (Teacher)
Peerawat Herapath – Phol (Teacher)
Pijitra Siriwerapan – Aorn (Teacher)
Acharanat Ariyaritwikol – Top
Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn – Pin

Early in 2011, a movie that made in Thailand came up with a big surprise. It's titled "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (en-version). A simple love story but complicated enough to amaze the audience. A teenager fell in love with her senior but she didn't have the courage to tell him because of her physical appearance. In order to attract his (Pshon) attention, She (Khun Nam) tried so many things to change her appearance. Besides, she had a tough rival, a popular girl that likes Pshon too. During the years, Khun Nam turned from a 'bug face' into 'a white swan'. Her appearance was so adorable that she became the most popular girl in her school. The first twist came up when Pshon didn't even look at her the way others did. Then, Pshon's friend came up to the school and fell for Khun Nam but she had already chosen Pshon. The second twist came up lately in the last part of the movie. I won't spoil it here. :)

I think this movie is awsome. It didn't make me sleep or at least drowsy for its long duration. This movie collected the story and tells it in a great package. ^_^ I loved the process of Khun Nam's changing. It tells us that we can do something big and make something better if we have a brave heart and not easily give ourselves up. She showed many moments of being surrender but she ignored it. So, don't give up easily my friends. :)

The love story is simple ,i think. But, they wrapped it into a dramatic scenes which i liked. :) The twists confused me and made me curious about how it'll end. Pshon performed a fantastic act of being cool. He also made me curious about the ending. The funny things that inserted in this movie were not too much ,too. It suited the story and made the movie even better. ^_^ And then the ending made it perfectly romantic. I was wondering if there's a story like this in the real world. :) But, the last thing that still a mistery for me is what happened to Pshon's friend. :-? Hmmm...

Uniquely, this movie wasn't only telling story about love but also story about friendship. If you've already watched this movie, then you'll know what i mean. Friendship worth a lot, no matter who you are or what kind of person you are. From this movie i learned again about how important it is to honour a friendship and always be humble. :)

The last thing but not the least, Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol is really beautiful. *blush* haha.. (lol)

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  1. may i know whats the camera used in this movie production? thnks a lot. i need it badly....

  2. @mele3_xoxo
    i'm afraid i don't know, my friend.
    i'm just a watcher and i can't even find the official site to help you. :)

  3. i really can relate to this movie been waiting for a girl over 5 yrs to now we were childhood friends but theres the ackwardness that came to us when we reach the teen yrs maybe because we only see each other once to thrice a yr cause she live in another country now im on her country and i just finding the right time to tell her what i feel hahahaha

  4. @anon
    sometimes we can't even see a big elephant right in front of our eyes but we can see a very little ant far away. *some proverbs*
    I mean, they don't see each others feeling. :p

  5. i have watch d movie. i think it's not romantic,,
    it's silly. how come a cute and popular guy can be so sissy like that? O.o

    u can't find a guy like that in this world nowadays.
    u know,,handsome man must be a jerk one. *sigh

    how about you?
    are you handsome and jerk or ...? *just think the opposite :D

  6. @anon ^
    yes, it's a little bit silly but it has its romantic part though which is the ending. *i've wrote it :D

    u can.
    u just have to look carefuly ;)

    i can't say wheter i'm handsome or not because it depends on people who sees me. :D
    but, i can tell you i'm not a jerk. :p

  7. ahahaha...
    nice answer you have there,, :thumbup

    btw,, i myself doesn't really care about the appearance a.k.a the outer beauty.
    it's just about the inner beauty.
    i mean it!

    but mostly people, especially man, do care about it. *sigh

    ok,,let me know your type, your dreamy girl.
    i bet you will say:
    white skin, long hair, slim and beauty....

    Hey,,don't deny it!
    it's normal since man naturally weakness is in his eye.
    and by reading your profile i think you still a normal man. :3

  8. haha.
    ideally, people will answer in your way back then. But, i think you can't deny that outer beauty is important too. These two things have its own portion in your thought. It's your choice. :)

    I won't deny it. But, as i said, i have my proportional criteria on that and i'm not searching by looking each of those criterias but in complete 'package'. :p

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