February 18, 2011

Today, ITB held an exhibition. This exhibition was made to publish research reports during 2010 in ITB. Every faculty shown their research result in public. Research reports shown in posters so that public could see and read it.

I liked being there this afternoon. :) I read so many interesting researches. Not only interesting but also applicable. I hope ITB consistently holding events like this.

Among all researches, i like these:

ITB Research Exhibition 1ITB Research Exhibition 2These two were studies in telecommunication. (Up Poster)They used DTM (Delay Tolerant Network) to deliver email from city to village by a train. As we know, villages are hardly connected to internet. This research tried to solve that problem. I don't quite understand how the process works but the idea is quiet fascinating. :)
(Down Poster) They invented comfortable train facilities using telecommunication technology. By making a comfortable atmosphere in a train, people would like to use trains more. FYI, most people in Indonesia doesn't like using train to travel.

ITB Research Exhibition 3This one is a study on Physics Engineering. They were testing a dynamic lighting system to human. They timed lighting intensity in a room that contain a human. They found out that a dynamic lighting system could increase human performance and make a more comfortable state for human. What an interesting study! :D

ITB Research Exhibition 4This one is a study on Physics Engineering too, an instrumental study precisely. They invented equipment that use human interface in a medical rehabilitations. This study is intended to help people with certain disabilities. I like this one because it combine different majors, medical with physics and other. :D

ITB Research Exhibition 5The last is a study in Geodetic and Geomatics Engineering. The researchers invented an integrated GIS-GPS application for traffic information that presented in a web platform. I think this web app could help so many people in Indonesia right now. As we know, Indonesia is having problem in traffic now. :( By using this web app, people may choose their best way to travel and move from place to place without much trapped in traffic. :D

Actually, i remember another research that caught my attention. It's about the relation between microgravity simulation and fruit ripeness. But, i forgot to take the picture. :p

What a wonderful day! :D
I always admired researcher. Maybe, someday i'll be one of the researchers whose reports published in an exhibition like this. :D

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