December 18, 2010

illustration adapted

This morning, i was accidentally watching this movie. I didn't even know its title till the end of the movie. :D
Anyway, it is called 'Wonderful World of Disney : Meet The Robinsons'.

This movie is about the robinsons family. This family is a wonderful and lil' bit odd i think. :p They are kind of inventors family. In this movie, the father had invented a time-machine that used by the son to bring his father from the past. This kid's idea cause so much trouble. And so on... I'm not writting about this movie instead. :D

What i was attracted to is the scene when the father(kid from the past) came to Robinsons house and asked to fix a tool. I don't really think that this family can't do it themselves. I think they are just testing. :-?
The father(kid) wasn't sure that he can fix it. But, all of the Robinsons believed and encouraged him. After trying his best to fix the tool, they tested the tool. Unfortunately, it was badly fixed. It wasn't fixed at all. :(

But, guess what. Nobody blamed him or disappointed to him. They oppositely encouraged him more and more and told him not to stop trying and 'KEEP MOVING FORWARD'.

Suddenly, i tried to think it over over and over.
Then i said, this is how to teach means.

For me, to teach isn't just to tell students or others what they don't know or what they can't do. To teach is how we make our students knows and help them to develop themselves.
The scene that i write above is just like that. When your students failed to do or achieve something, the thing that we need to do more isn't blaming or angry to them. The teachers shall make sure that students still have their own spirit to learn more. Teachers shall encourage the students. The Robinsons family in this movie taught us that. To teach isn't just teach but to encourage too.
By doing that, i'm sure that education and student-developing will be increasing more.

I was hoping someday i could do this teaching stuff when i'm older. ^_^b
Maybe, 5 or more years. :)

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