December 5, 2010

mr.bean vs einstein jokeOne day, Einstein and Mr. Bean were in a same plane. They played the guessing game to spend time on that plane.

Einstein: Hey, bean. If you can't answer my question, then you'll have you'll have to pay me $5. But, if i can't answer your question, then i'll pay you $500. What say you?

Mr. Bean: Alright, you got it..

Einstein: How long is the moon from earth?

Without a doubt and so much thinking, Mr. Bean took his wallet and gave Einstein $5. And Einstein laughed geniusly. (lol)

Mr. Bean: Now it's my turn. When climbing a hill, it uses 3 feet but when going downhill, it uses 4 fet. What is 'it' ?

Einstein took his long brainstorming but yet knew the answer. So, he took his laptop, searched it on google and called his genius friends. But, still no answer.

After a few hours, Einstein decided to pay Bean $500.

Mr. Bean was just smiling. Evilsmirking.

Einstein: What is 'it' exactly , Bean?

Just like the last action, Mr. Bean took his wallet and paid $5 to Einstein.


shared from: Prof. Ofyar Tamin's sharing in Transportation Forum

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