December 25, 2010

Near the end of 2010, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation released a fantasy-comedy movie. The title is Gulliver's Travel. It was taken from old times story about giant man and liliputs. I just watched it yesterday night, right before christmas eve moment. :D

I like fantasy-comedy , thriler, adventure or action-comedy movie. So, i was really curious about this movie, especially because Jack Black is the star. I watched it yesterday in 3D version which was not quite nice at all. :( You can just watch it regular version. And sadly, i was watching it alone because nobody wanted to watch a movie on christmas eve except me. lol

*this may contain a little bit spoiler*
From the begining till the middle part, i really enjoyed the movie. But, when Gulliver asked for a house to be made by liliputs, there i was dissapointed. It's true that this is a fantasy movie but this kind of fantasy was too much, especially when there was a robot which made by liliputs. wow, what a creation by liliputs. +_+ I didn't enjoy the movie from this part till the end. Overall, i just can give 5/10 points. :( The comedy was good, but the fantasy was not so good for me.

On the other hand, i learned something from this movie especially from Gulliver. We can't be anything if we just speaking. We must do something, at least to try. :) I saw that Gulliver was a big-mouth person but no-action and that made him end-up as a mailman for 6 years and didn't even have his own date with the girl he loved for 6 years. I learned that talking without acting just makes us useless. So, there must be a high confidence if we want to develop ourselves. :) Thanks for this movie that reminded me about this. ^_^


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