November 3, 2010

albert einsteinI was reading Quotes from many famous and success people lately. And i found this quote. It came from the famous Albert Einstein. :)

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.

I found out that this quote has a big power and influences so many people. When you stay with problem longer, you'll learn so much new knowledges and experiences but always it depends on how you face the problem.

Cleverness and genius is an anomaly. :p Not all people was born to be smart naturally but every people has the ability to try and think. It's human speciality. Einstein has teached and shown us the power of trying. He found out the relativity theory with a high intensity of trying and a no-give-up mindset. That's what we should call passion. :)

I , myself is a lazy people sometimes. I often quit because i can't do things or i don't understand things. But sometimes, i refresh my mind and realize that knowledge isn't about thing but it's all about you trying to know more more and more. When we quit, we indirectly refuse knowledges. :) So, don't run away from problem and face it with great passion.


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