November 5, 2010

Familiar with this video?
My friends in Indonesia will recognize this so well.. :p
It's a video of a boyband from Indonesia. They call themselves SM*SH (read: smash). THe first time i looked this video, i thought they were korean. (lol) But, they are truly Indonesian.

How do you think about them?
I, myself, think that their song is not bad. I mean the melody. But, the lyrics and the video is not good at all... :( They were trying to be more like korean boyband. Korean boyband is so famous in Indonesia indeed, but i don't think this SM*SH needs to copy korean-boyband dance and video. I listen this song comfortably. The song is easy-listening. But, i deeply regret that they used so many weird words and the video is so unoriginal. (swt)

Maybe , they have a good reason for that. Maybe, they want to be as popular as the korean boyband or maybe they encouraged themselves to make a difference in Indonesian music industry. hehe But, still i don't think they had the right way. I'll more appreciate them if they use their original style or at least use Indonesian style. ^_^

Well, it's just my opinion for better Indonesian music Industry. I hope it'll be better someday :)


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