November 9, 2010


I don't know why it just got 3.5 rating in IMDB. For me, this movie is a quite interesting and tells us about getting-married story. It tells us that getting married isn't easy but when you love someone and love will help you stand in every problem ahead.

Luci and Marcus are 2 persons who will get married. Their marriage isn't an usual one. They came from two different race and that makes both of their father don't like that. Furthermore, their fathers just had a problem each other on the street and that makes the condition worse.

Luci and Marcus tried so many ways to convince their fathers that they are really want to get married. There were so much problem happening that made both of them finnaly face a crucial conditon that made them wants to stop the marriage plan.

But, At last they can pull themselves together again and stick to the plan. They are getting married. :)

This movie tells me the real thing that really happens often in life. People who are getting married often feel not ready just before the wedding day. There are so many pressure that happens. That's not weird. It's very human being. But the thing is how you and your couple can face it together... When you love someone, you'll know how to do it and when you love someone , you'll always know that every lil' problem that come and will-come will strengthen your relationship. :)

I was wondering if my wedding plan will be like this. +_+ So many problem, nearly fail or maybe don't get permission from parents. lol
That will be interesting and i've to prepare myself from now. ^_^

I, myself give this movie 7/10 ^_^b

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