October 22, 2010

After so many years, we finally have our family time again. :D Parents and all the children gathered. This time, no one left behind. It feels like a very long time to me since the last time having this kind of time. The reason why we can gather all the family member is because my elderly brother has graduated from ITB and parents will have to attend the ceremony this saturday. My parents had to come here and fortunately my younger brother had no important agenda in Medan, so they all could come here.

Today, we have our family photo shot for the first time ^_^v. Many plans had been made in the past but none has been realized. So, today must be a very good time for us. We were taking the shot at J*N*S photo Bandung :p Many says that this place is great but i think they're all the same. :D We were having so much preparation for the shot because this had to be the best photo shot so that we can hang these photo in our home in Medan. ^_^v So many preparation that our luggage was so heavy to lift. (lol) We brought a medium-sized luggage to photo studio. It contained clothes. We were taking 6 photos with 2or3 different clothing. :D How do you think? hehe

The annoying thing today is that we had to wait so long until we could take the shot. The queue was so long that people had to wait for a long time just for 30minutes photo shot and just 6 photos. Boring isn't it? But, i don't worry about that. The time we share together is more important than waiting photo shot queue. :D
To fill the boring time, we take some photos using my Samsung S5233W camera.
Here i share some photos,

foto yang diambil sewaktu wisudaan bram
there i am on the left :D , my mom in the center and my elderly brother on the right

foto yang diambil sewaktu wisudaan bram lagi
that's my dad on the left , my elderly sister in the center and my mom again on the left

foto yang diambil sewaktu wisudaan bram lagi lagi
the one that didn't show up on the previous photo is my younger brother :D

This one was taken after the photo shot and i really like this one although the pose wasn't so good haha

Glad to have today time and i hope this photo will be one of our memorial thing to remember ^_^
Praise God!


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