October 29, 2010

kemarahan mendatangkan perasaan tidak enakanHi, there...
Today i have a little bit problem. This was happening just now. This was the story:

I have a friend, a girl. She asked me for help today and as usual i wasn't get her seriously. I rarely get someone seriously when talking. That's my bad habit i think. Then, i accepted her request and i finished the request on time. Then, i waited for her to get the requested thing. It's a picture exactly.

After several quarters of waiting, she didn't show up so i decided to leave. Actually, i really didn't mind for his late coming. 20 minutes after i left, she sent me a message saying that she'd get the picture later. I think it's okay.

Afterwards, i met her in one place and i made a joke about her late coming, that i didn't like her late coming. Unfortunately, she didn't really like that. No doubt. :( I felt very bad. I didn't even mean to be like that. I didn't even have a time to say sorry. Poor me... +_+

That's what was happening.

I feel really bad. For a while , i thought she was too excessive about that. But, then i realize that i once like that. I'm a very emotional man and easily get angry and people usually accept my anger. So, if she responsed like that to me then i have to accept that as well. The first thing that i learned today is that to say something needs more than words. It needs feeling. When i want to say something to others, i've to think it before say it whether it'll hurt or not. Second thing, now i realize that being angry to others or being sensitive to other may cause a bad feeling to others. So, i learned that i have to be more patient and calm. Hope that i can be a better person in the future. :)

Sorry my friend for what i did and thank you for the lesson. ^_^b

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